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Meet Your Teacher Trainers


Natasha Ponciano

Owner & Lead Trainer

Natasha Ponciano is a Canadian born, Houston transplant. Yoga has created a sense of purpose in her life, fueled by passion and positivity. ​After a severe car accident leaving her with a broken neck in 2014, yoga has made a progressive impact on her life, mentally and physically. 


​Natasha's flows tend to follow an upbeat and energetic pace- her “ode” to modern yoga. That being said, she wanted to dive deep within the roots of it all, and pursue her trainings in an authentic and traditional atmosphere. She completed her initial training in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Tickled by Eastern philosophies, the next chapter of Natasha's journey took her to a remote ashram in the foothills of the Annapurna Mountain ranges.


There, in the Himalayas of Nepal, she completed her 300 hour. (RYT 500) ​Her mission as a teacher is to spread that joy, energy, and understanding to her students breath by breath. Giving them a safe space to get lost in their own authenticities, to grow and bloom. 


​“Travel, EAT, play, sing, laugh, learn, and live free.”


Lead Trainer

Allison began practicing yoga in at age 20 as a way of staying grounded during the wild tumult of college.

Her practice ebbed and flowed over the years, but in early 2015 she enrolled in a Teacher Training
program to recommit fully to yoga and all it can offer.


Since then, her practice and teaching style have continued to evolve. Once primarily focused on the rigorous physical demand of Vinyasa, she’s grown to love the power that comes from slowing down and turning inward. Having practiced yoga throughout and following both of her pregnancies, Allison is immensely passionate about empowering people on their own pregnancy journeys.

Anyone stepping into Allison’s class can expect to be welcomed and
accepted as they are, while still being given opportunities to challenge themselves and grow. Her classesare a mix of physical movement, breath work, centering, and community building.

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